Sunday, 2 July 2017

Where are the pictures?

You may well have noticed the sudden disappearance of the pictures from all postings over a year old on this blog. This is down to a change in my picture hosting arrangements and I’ll be taking steps to fix the problem. That will, however, be a very big job so please bear with me as it’s going to take a while. I will sort the pictures in my most popular postings ASAP and then work back through the archive as time allows.

On a positive note all postings from the last year and all future postings are, and will remain, unaffected.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience!


  1. Oh gosh, almost had a heart attack!

  2. Sort of tying into this I would love to know to recipe for your gutrot spume's armour. I looked for it but the photos aren't there. I am painting the new Death Guard models and I want a sickly turquoise/green scheme. This would seriously make this week amazing

    1. Hi Connor , sorry for the slow reply! All the colours used in Gutrots armour are from Scale Colour. The main Turquoise is Caribbean Blue. The shade colour is Black Leather. The highlight is Nacar. In addition I've used Boreal Tree Green and Sherwood Green stippled into the mid tones.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, Once I've sorted the mess I'll be deleting my Photobucket account. I've nothing against a company making profit but they have thoroughly screwed people over this!